Annual Club Day 13.08.2019

Outline of the day

The competition takes the form of a round-robin with each person playing five games of 25 minutes each.  At least seven rounds are needed to fit in everyone, so everyone sits out two rounds which gives time for a chat – bring your own chair. 

The winner is the player with the most hoops, so – unlike normal matches – you need to play briskly and not spend too much time on defence.  It’s better to lose 7-5 than to win 4-2.  Compare the pace to 20/20 cricket v a 5-day test.

You draw a number on arrival, and this determines your partners and opponents for the day.  A schedule is drawn up based on the number of players, and the aim is to have a different partner and different opponents each game, i.e 5 partners and 10 opponents during the day.

No-one is asked to play more than 3 games without a break.

Before 27th July (Entries now closed)

Entry is free (but pay for your lunch).

To enter, sign your name on the entry list.  If you are unable to take part please cross out your name.  That way we know for sure you have seen the notice.

Even if you do not wish to play you are still welcome to spend all or part of the day there, and also come to the lunch (which Mary Burd is organising).

Between 27th July and 13th August

If after entering you have to withdraw for any reason, please tell Gill S or Jo M who are organising  the competition this year.  During this time Gill and Jo will produce the fairly complicated schedule, and numbers are vital.

On the day

You need to arrive at the Clubhouse by 9.30 am at the latest to draw your number (and so we know everyone is there).  This will give time for the lists of names/numbers and numbers/names to be prepared and for you to find out what’s what and who’s who for the first game.  This cannot be done until after the draw is completed.

We will go over to the lawns about 9.50 am to “strike off” at 10 am.

We hope to play 4 rounds from 10:00 to 12:00, then play the Georgie Clark Final.

This will be followed by lunch at approx.13:00.

Play for 3 more rounds will start at 14:00, followed by a play-off if needed.

We will then we retire to the Clubhouse for the presentations and a cup of tea.

We should finish about 16:30.

Any queries:  contact Gill Stone 01621 853948