Finals Day 2020

Finals Day this year has encountered a few challenges due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, due to the tireless work of a number of members, the finals matches were held today (Saturday 19th September) bringing the inter-club competitions to a close. It may not have been the large event that we had hoped for since new restrictions have been put in place, limiting gatherings, but play went ahead (without spectators this year & staggered play times).

Games included The Georgie Clark Competition – a level play tournament for singles; The Forrester Plate – a level-play tournament for doubles; and finally the newly introduced Covid Handicap play-offs. In total, five games were played.

Handicap Finalists – Neil, Colin, Graham, John, Neil and Chris (Left to Right)

Before finals day, a number of games had already been played in the handicap competition which is in an All vs. All format. The final three games would determine the winner. After a number of excellent shots, Graham took victory in the Covid Handicap Tournament. This tournament has given members an excellent opportunity to develop their handicap skills which involves carefully choosing when to use extra turns or how to play against an opponent who has extra turns against you. Thanks go to those Chris and Neil who have organised the tournament and also to Jean who provided coaching over a number of weeks to help improve the standard of croquet in the club!

Georgie Clark Level-Play Singles Finalists – Al & Tony (Left to Right)

In addition to the handicap, there were also the level play tournament finals in both singles and doubles to be played. Tony and Al competed for the singles title this year; whereas Martyn & Ken played against Philippa and Michael for the doubles plate. The final winners were Tony for the Georgie Clark Singles and Martyn and Ken for the Forrester Plate Doubles.

Forrester Plate Level-Play Doubles Finalists – Michael, Philippa, Martyn and Ken.

This draws a close to the Maldon Croquet Club 2020 tournaments, but I am sure many will be waiting in anticipation for next year in order to have a chance to take victory once more. Conditions permitting, we will hope to be able to hold a traditional club day in which all members play for the Legerton Trophy by scoring the most hoops in short half hour rounds – most hoops win!

Until 2021, enjoy your croquet!