Maldon Lakeside vs Southchurch

Tuesday 24th August saw Maldon Lakeside’s final EACF tournament match of the season against Southchurch. The players travelling to Southchurch were Peter, Graham, Shirley and Tony.

The day started with two doubles games in which Maldon did not have the best start, both games being lost 7-5. Following on from this, the singles games began; at this point Maldon started to make a comeback taking all 4 matches! This winning streak continued in the second round of games with another clean sweep by Maldon. At the break for lunch, the score stood at 8-2 to Maldon. With 8 more games to play, Maldon only needed 2 more wins to secure victory.

After a series of hard-fought games, Maldon came out victorious with a final score of 12-6 with hoops scored 115 for Maldon and 90 for Southchurch, proving how close the matches had been.

The Maldon team would like to say thank you to the host club for being excellent welcoming hosts and a thank you to the timekeepers and scorers for the day who did an amazing job of keeping things running smoothly efficiently!