2022 – Updated Rules

The Rules of Golf Croquet have been updated.

You can read in more detail by clicking the link below.

Updated Rules 2022

You can watch a video on Youtube by following the link below that outlines the latest updates and changes.


Points to investigate – Advantage play is an alternative to Handicap Play. There is a table that shows starting scores instead of additional turns! This may mean you have less hoops or more hoops to score than your opponent but extra turns are not required!

Impasse – this is where all the balls have come to rest in a position in which players are not able to make a suitable stroke that would not disadvantage them. Often players will carry out minor taps or deem their shot to have been played in this situation. This new rule means that if no one is willing to progress the game due to the potential of allowing the opposition an advantage, the balls are then moved to a penalty area to be played from there in order to allow the game to continue! A toss of the coin determines which side plays first from the penalty area.

Starting the game – if you win the toss, you can choose colours now so that you are not obliged to go first. You may choose to be red and & yellow instead; thus, you will play 2nd and 4th turns in the initial sequence.