Offside Hoop 13

With various tournaments taking place this year, the question of ‘Where is offside for Hoop 13?’ has arisen on multiple occasions.

After writing to the croquet association, the response is line DE in the following diagram. This would be the halfway line going down the lawn that is in line with the centre peg and penalty areas.

More about offside rules can be found on the Croquet Association website. Follow the link below to see more.

Croquet Rules

In Memory of Ann

Recently, an active member of the club and committee, Ann Redican passed away. A donation was made by the club to Farleigh Hospice in memory of Ann. Jean organised some beautiful flowers for the funeral.

Croquet Covid Guidance

Please find the attached guidance in regards to the start of the croquet season.

Please read as to ensure the safety of all members and so that you are aware of changed procedures and availability of facilities.

Play is currently planned to commence 1st June

Covid Guidance

Delayed Season

At present, due to the National Pandemic with Corona (Covid-19), the expected start of the croquet season will most likely be delayed until play is deemed safe. Please check here for the latest updates.

Please stay safe.