Roll of Honour

Croquet Association Diploma 

In 2023 Jean Healey received a Diploma

In 2017 Vaun and Eunice received the Diploma for their work it read:


Some years ago a small group of croquet players recognized that there was a potential demand for people in the Maldon area to experience and develop the game of croquet. Maldon Croquet Club was founded in 2011 with Vaun elected as an inspirational Chair. Vaun and Eunice were at the center of the fledgling club’s applications to play on local playing fields and for funds to procure essential equipment.

They recognized the importance of developing a club which welcomed all regardless of ability but which enthused a sporting and competitive culture. To that end Vaun and Eunice presented the Legerton Trophy to be played for by all members on the annual Club Day which they have organised every year.

They continue to play very regularly on roll up days encourage members of all abilities and they regularly time keep at the Club’s matches with visiting clubs where they demonstrate a very clear understanding of CA rules.

In summary Vaun and Eunice demonstrate all the outstanding attributes required of a CA Diploma and the whole Club commends both of them to you.

Vaun and Eunice receiving their diploma from Martin French

The Georgie Clarke Trophy

  • 2023 – Pete Howe winner against Graham Parker

  • 2022 – Al Brown winner against Mungo Park 


  • 2021 – Michael Lager winner against Al Brown 


  • 2020 – Tony White winner against Al Brown 

  • 2019 – Jean Healey winner against Pete Howe

  • 2018 – Al Brown winner against Neil Grandy

  • 2017 – Al Brown winner against Neil Clark

  • 2016 – Joan Fairclough winner against Jean Healey

  • 2015 – Jean Healey winner against  Neil Grandy

  • 2014 – Rich Waterman winner against Michael Manning
  • 2013 – Rich Waterman winner against John Gorrie
  • 2012 – Jean Healey winner against Zandra Cardy

The Forrester Plate – Doubles competition

2023  – Maggy Dixon and John Ferguson winners against Jenny and Graham Parker

2022 – Al Brown and Richard Wallis winners against Maisie Randall and Tony White 

2021 – Graham Parker and Roger Pond winners against Martyn Hardy-King and Barry Keusch 

 2020 – Martyn Hardy-King and Ken Hazell winners against Philippa Hardy-King and Michael Lager 

 2019 – Chris Joslin and Paul South winners against Chris Adams and Jean Healey

2018 – Ken Hazell and Jean Healey winners against Chris Joslin and Ann Owen

2017 – Pete Howe and Ken Hazell winners against Jean Healey and Diane Howe

2016 – Henry Hamber and Jane Woodhead winners against Jean Healey and Shirley Macro

2015Pam Hopper and Barry Keusch winners against Mary Burd and Marian Manning 

The Rainbow  Handicap Trophy

(known as the Covid Handicap Trophy before 2023)

  • 2023 – John Ferguson winner against Graham Parker

  • 2022 – Chris Joslin winner against Graham Parker 

  • 2021 – Tony White winner against Graham Parker

  • 2020 – Graham Parker winner,  Chris Joslin runner up 

Advantage Doubles Tournament

2022 – Karen Davies and Sue Jackman winners.  Graham Parker and Martin Ridsdale runners up

The Legerton Trophy

  • 2019 – Pete Howe winner, with a maximum of 35 hoops, Graham Parker runner up also with 35 hoops but with more hoops scored against.  
  • 2018 – Pete Howe

  • 2017 – Jill Joslin

  • 2016 – Henry Hamber on hoop difference from Martyn Hardy King and Sheila Renew

  • 2015 – Al Brown won with 34 out of 35 hoops with Mary Clark, Neil Clark and Peter Marven joint runners up on 30

  • 2014 – Peter Marven winner, Marian Manning runner up
  • 2013 – Richard Waterman winner, Richard Wallis runner up
  • 2012 – Les Renew winner, Richard Waterman runner up
  • 2011 – Jack Stares

The All England Handicap

2023 – John Ferguson and Walter Hall qualified for National Finals and Walter was the overall winner!!!

2018 – Chris Joslin 5th and Pete Howe 6th in the country

2017 – Chris Joslin came 2nd in the country.  Henry Hamber, Jean Healey and Pete Howe also qualified for the National Final.

2014 – Richard Waterman came 3rd in the country and Jean Healey 6th

2013 – Richard Waterman came 2nd in the country.